Old Dutch Ripples Party Pack Original Potato Chips 16 oz

0 g trans fat per serving. See nutritional information for fat content. Gluten free. The flavor favorite with the original ridge! Old Dutch classic original ripples have the special taste you've always loved. They're tightly rippled, wonderfully crispy, and simply delicious. Lunches and snacks, parties and picnics - classic original ripples add fun to every occasion. Ripples are packed with sensational flavors using only clean, simple ingredients, no artificial ingredients or MSG, to capture the maximum crunch and pure bold flavor in every chip. Enjoy our other ripples flavor favorites: Smooth cheddar & sour cream. Scrumptious loaded spud. Tangy French onion. By the handful or the bagful, they're packed with fun and full of flavor! Enjoy our other Ripples flavor favorites: Smooth Cheddar & Sour Cream, Scrumptious Loaded Spud, Tangy French Onion.