The history of Ptacek’s started in 1912 when John Ptacek opened a meat market in downtown Prescott. In 1944 Don Ptacek bought Wenzel Banner Grocer for $3000 and combined his father’s meat market to start the Red and White Grocery store located at 213 N. Broad St. Don and his wife Charlotte ran the grocery store solely until they took on a partnership with their son Mike Ptacek in 1973. Along with the partnership came a new name, The Star Market. The last official day for Don and Charlotte’s ownership came on January 1, 1979, when Mike purchased the rest of the store from his father. In 1989, looking to expand the store, Mike decided to take the grocery store and move it to 1449 Orrin Rd. At that time Mike joined IGA and started what we know today as Ptacek’s IGA. Mike currently runs the store along with his 6 children Kate, Raph, Pat, Tom, Nick, and Rochelle.

1005 Eagle Ridge Drive
Prescott, WI 54021
(715) 262-5636

Monday - Sunday 5AM - 10PM