Bob's Red Mill Sweet White Rice Flour

Bob's Red Mill® Sweet White Rice Flour. To your good health... -Bob Moore. Gluten free. Naturally delicious. Bob's Red Mill sweet white rice flour is milled from a special variety of rice, often known as ''sticky rice," that is very starchy and has exceptional binding qualities. It is an excellent ingredient for baking gluten free muffins, breads, pastries and cakes. It is also a superb thickener for soups, sauces and gravies. You can see our quality! Bob's Red Mill products labeled gluten free are batch tested in our quality control laboratory. We use an Elisa gluten assay test to determine if a product is gluten free. Wholesome. Visit us at Our product line is diverse and extensive. For information and recipes, visit our website at Write for a brochure or product list: Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods.