Unibroue Ale, on Lees, La Maudite

La Maudite is a tribute to our hardy ancestors who created the legend of the Flying Canoe. As the story goes, these thirsty outdoorsmen made a pact with Satan to fly them in their canoe to the distant festivities in time to get their fill of that damn fine ale! We were travelling so fast that we passed Montreal and area before we could stop. But we still made it to the party in no time flat. Canoeing down La Blanche could never prepare us for this! - Joe the Cook, The Flying Canoe. Bottle refermented. La Maudite is a powerful premium ale with a fresh deposit of sediment produced by refermentation in the bottle. One taste of this damn fine ale will instill in you the highest respect and appreciation for its warm mellowing effect. The Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago USA: 1997 Gold Medal. Drink less, drink better. 8% alc./vol.