Flavored with bacon. Committed to quality since 1967. In aluminum tray for BBQ grill! US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. The story of Captain Ken's. Great foods sometimes originate in unlikely places. In fact, Fire Captain Ken Freiberg developed his unique Firehouse Baked Beans (later renamed Original Recipe Oven-Baked Beans) while on duty at Firehouse Number 14 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Today, his famous recipe of the very finest navy beans, real bacon, imported molasses, rich brown sugar, and a select blend of spices is still oven-baked long hours in oven kettles. This homemade flavor is locked in with a unique freezing process, producing a hearty taste not found in any canned baked bean. Delicious homemade flavor! Prepared with only the best ingredients, these beans are cooked using a slow oven-baked process that has made Captain Ken's baked beans famous for over 40 years! Fully cooked. Just heat and eat!