White Castle Sliders, Sausage, Egg & Ghost Pepper, Breakfast

4 Microwavable sliders. 2 - 2 packs. Kick it up a notch! Ghost peppers. Whether youre a Yay, its morning! person or an Ugh, its morning! person, theres nothing like our spicy White Castle Sausage, Egg & Ghost Pepper Cheese Breakfast Slider. It brings the heat: a premium breakfast sausage with the perfect balance of spices, layered with a fluffy egg, topped with a slice of spicy ghost pepper cheese and served up on our signature bun. Deliciousness is just moments away! White Castle has been a family-run business since 1921. Were the home of the Original Slider, which you can get from of our restaurants or the frozen aisle anytime the crave hits. So our delicious White Castle Breakfast Sliders come from a long line of great taste! Home of the Original Slider. Recyclable where recycling facilities exist. To be sold as a 4-pack. Not for individual resale. For maximum freshness and enjoyment, these sandwiches have been wrapped in twin-packs. If you have any questions or comments, write to us and attach this panel with the printed code for proof of purchase. www.whitecastle.com. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.